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Water Removal/Mold Prevention

Structural Drying & Cleaning

Mold Remediation

After a flood or significant leak in your home or office, you need specialized equipment to remove the water from the carpet, walls, and more. Coastal Restoration Specialists prevent further issues with mold or mildew by restoring your building to its natural glory. Breathe easier with our services.

Drying and cleaning services from Coastal Restoration Specialists will prevent VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from getting into the air. We work with specialized tools to ensure cleanliness after you have seen significant water damage. We help make your building safe again.

If mold has already developed, Coastal Restoration Specialists can take care of it with remediation services. Allowing mold and mildew to grow unattended can lead to respiratory issues, structural damages, and more. We quickly get to the source and remove it while sanitizing your building.

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Smoke Damage

Structural Decontamination

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Coastal Restoration Specialists assist if there has been smoke damage from a fire in your home or office. Using only the best tools and materials, we can repair your building to prevent structural damage issues. We can make your building look brand new safe to inhabit again without worry.

Many times, water and smoke damage can get well below the surface and affect your home or office's structural support. Mold, mildew, and more can begin to destroy support systems, which is where Coastal Restoration Specialists come in. We restore these structures for durability and stability.

Our team is committed to helping buildings in our community begin to rebuild by providing smoke and water damage restoration services. If you have experienced fire or water damage, give us a call. 

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Our dedicated smoke and damage restoration team uses knowledge and experience in the field to restore your building and make it habitable again adequately. Check out the other benefits of working with us:

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